Mr. Duez - the mosquito

Today was a pretty cool day. My students have been working on their 5th Six Week's Video Project for about 5 weeks. They were itching to present them and to show the class. All were GREAT. It is amazing that they get better and better every year. But, technology and the human mind keeps advancing.

Don't let people convince you that kids get worse and more stupid every year. It is simply not true. I find that each year I teach the students are more engaged, philanthropic and have more of a sense of service to their community. I know people are going to read this and think I am diluted. It is simply my world and my observation and it is true of the students that I am very lucky to have.

Today at the end of one a video about Malaria (it kills a person in Africa every 30 seconds), the kids had a bit of fun:

The two students who were presenting had a message to the kids, donate to to help send nets to African families. $10 can get a net for a family. It saves lives.

Then they had a slide with a caption: "Because we all know mosquitoes are not as friendly as we think." (yep that's me. the class busted out laughing)

It made my day. I am a lucky teacher.

Notes Ch 19 and 20 Industrial Revolution

We will be discussing Chapter 19 and 20 during the next week and preparing for our DBQ next Wednesday. Use the notes to help study for the vocabulary and to prepare your knowledge of the time period for the Document-Based Question next week.

Chapter 19 20 IR

Ch 19 and 20 Industrial Revolution Learning Targets

Targets Industrial Revolution Ch 19 Ch 20 Targets Industrial Revolution Ch 19 Ch 20 David Duez Learning Targets for Chapter 19 and 20. This is a Document-based question chapter. We will be doing dbqs instead of tests for this unit.

What you need to know about DBQs

What You Need to Know About DBQs What You Need to Know About DBQs David Duez How to write a Document based question.

Downloading Youtube Videos

Here is a video of just how to download videos and convert them.

Download from Youtube


Video Project Update

To be sure that everyone has easy access to the Video Project guidelines and to the "How To" posts I have made, I have linked to them here:

5th Six Week's Video Project

Convert iTunes to Mp3

Download Youtube Videos and Convert Them

Remember, you will need a Title Slide. You will need your full heading: Name(s), Date, Period, Class (example, David Duez, March 30, 2009, Period 1, Mr. Duez World History Pre-AP.

Remember to have at least 5 slides of text to teach about your subject. Also, remember to have a credits screen. Be sure to give credit to the music, artists, and sources & websites you used.

Many of you have been sending me rough draft essays and videos and it has been great to help those people out. But, don't wait too late. If you don't get it to me by Wednesday morning, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to comment on them.

I will be at school during my tutoring times all week (Tues/Thu after school until 3:30 and Wed/Thu during advisory).

Good luck. I can't wait to see them on Friday!

How has your life been changed by the economic crisis?

How has your life been changed by the economic downturn?

March 10: President Obama's Speech on the Economy

This Youtube video was created by a class of students in California. It is quite compelling.

World's First Color Photos

Came across this today and thought it was really cool:
Some of the World's First Color Photos

This picture is from Russia.

Juniata College - Where Mr. Duez went to college

This is Mr. Duez at his 10 year reunion at Juniata College. These are my two best friends from college. Your friends from college are like family.

I put this presentation together for AVID, but thought I would share it with World History as well. This is all about Juniata College, where I went to school.


Juniata College Website

Mr. Duez was #40. This was such a long time ago. I can't get that much "air" anymore. :)

French Revolution Catchup

If you were absent at all during the showing of the French Revolution, go to and type in the search bar: French Revolution. You will find it in 8 minute parts. You'll be able to catch the parts that you missed.

Or watch the trailer and timeline here: French Revolution from The History

Youtube - The French Revolution Part II

Youtube - French Revolution Part I

Financial Aid Even at AHS - Thursday, March 26 7 pm.

College Financial Aid Event: Due to an overwhelming response to the first financial aid event hosted in January, the Humble ISD Student Support Services Department will host a second College Financial Aid Event for high school junior and senior students and their parents on Thursday, March 26, 2009, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Atascocita High School Performing Arts Center, 13300 Will Clayton Parkway. The evening will include an overview of college financial aid, the opportunity to complete the on-line Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the chance to speak to financial aid representatives from several universities including Texas Tech University, Texas A&M University, Sam Houston State University, Lonestar College Kingwood and possibly the University of Texas and the University of Houston. Sam Houston State University will have a mobile enrollment center available to provide additional on-line assistance. Please join us for this informative meeting to help students and parents gain a better understanding of college financial aid. For more information or for questions, please call 281-641-8405.