Agenda: Monday, Sept, 21, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Do or do not. There is no 'try.'" - Yoda.

Learning Targets:
* Understand what a thesis statement is and how it is used.
* Understand the 3 time periods of Egypt.
* Why did Egyptians build the pyramids, sphinx, and use mummification?

1. Warmup - "Compare and Contrast 2 Ancient Civilizations" -- this is the question on your test tomorrow that we have been working on over the past week. What is your thesis statement? It is in the opening paragraph, 1 or 2 sentences long, and underlined. It is THE Answer to the question. It will be worth 5 of the 10 points on the test. The 3 paragraphs that follow the thesis is just supporting evidence.
2. Notes - Egypt
3. Review for the test tomorrow.

Tips for the test:
Read the chapter.
Follow the target sheet for help in organizing your thoughts.
Know your vocabulary.
Notes can be found on this blog.

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