TV Extra Credit Opportunity

To gain extra credit you would need to watch the program, take cornell notes (with a reflection at the end) and turn them in before the first bell of the next day. This assignment is being given on Friday - so before the first bell means Monday morning before the tardy bell rings for 1st period. Just slide the notes under Mr. Duez's door if he is not there for some reason.

102 Minutes That Changed America
Friday, September 11th at 8PM/7c

As the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded in New York City, some witnesses were frozen with shock, some helped others, and many ran as fast as they could from the growing disaster. Many onlookers also grabbed their video cameras to record history as it happened; despite the chaos and danger, many people kept their cameras rolling throughout the catastrophe. 102 Minutes That Changed America is a special presentation which runs without commercial interruption, retracing the events of that tragic morning through real-life camera footage from more than 100 individual sources.

Carefully piecing together both amateur and professional footage in chronological order, the special is a permanent historical archive for future generations to see. This documentary presents educators and their students with an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the events of September 11th, the role of the professional media and amateur journalists, and the on-going ramifications of that tragic day.

Curriculum Links:
102 Minutes That Changed America would be useful for History, American Studies, Journalism, Media, and Politics courses. It would also be appropriate for September 11th commemorations and activities. Due to sensitive content, it is recommended for mature high school students. Teachers should view the program before airing it to students. It fulfills several guidelines outlined by the National Council for History Education including (1) Values, beliefs, political ideas and institutions, (2) Conflict and cooperation, and (3) Patterns of social and political interaction.

More from
Explore the 102 Minutes Interactive Map. It contains unfiltered video captured by 9 different eyewitnesses.

Watch the 9/11 Timeline for a chronology of what happened that morning.
This program is EXCELLENT. I believe I have watched it previously on the history channel. If you are interested in 911 and want to gain some extra credit, this is a perfect opportunity.

Additional opportunity (must be turned in Monday morning before the first bell) - Read the information and check out the videos from The History Channel about 911 on their website. Take cornell notes and write a reflection to gain extra credit. Here is the site: History 911

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