Rock Art Site

Very interesting rock art site:
Bradshaw Foundation
The Bradshaw Foundation provides an online learning resource. Its main areas of focus are archaeology, anthropology and genetic research, and its primary objective is to discover, document and preserve ancient rock art around the world, and promote the study of early mankind’s artistic achievements. The Foundation funds preservation projects around the world, scientific research and research publication. The Foundation carries out its work in collaboration with UNESCO, the Royal Geographic Society, the National Geographic Society, the Rock Art Research Institute in South Africa and the Trust for African Rock Art to ensure that the programs achieve maximum impact. It is a privately funded, non-profit organisation based in Geneva.
They have some really great pictures and video of Rock Art on the site. Maybe it will inspire you to get your rock art project done?

It's due in class next Tuesday. :)

Agenda: Monday, August 31, 2009

Learning Targets:
*Describe the nature of life during the Old Stone Age
*List & Explain the "Methods of Dating" used by scientists
*Compare and Contrast Neolithic and Paleolithic Ages

1. Warmup - Venn Diagrams
2. Collect Homework - Chapter 1
3. Notes CH. 1 "First Humans"
4. Explain homework policy & late work

Due Dates:
Homework - due today (tomorrow for no penalty)
College Essay - tuesday
Parent Contact - Tuesday
Quiz - Wed/Thu
Test - Friday

Eagles Win First Football Game

Atascocita Eagles 16 - Hastings Bears 7 game story w/video: Eagles turn up heat in second half, get win
Transfer Carter
shines playing QB;
Bears still struggle
JENNY DIAL Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
Aug. 29, 2009, 2:23AM

Our Eagles won on the road Friday night. It must have been a very competitive game. Especially since the very controversial QB that transferred back to Hastings this week played the second half and was very good. Proud of the Eagles D for holding Hastings and that awesome QB to only 7 points.

Wish I could see the game next week, but I am heading to Nacadoches, TX for a couple of fantasy football drafts. I'll have to wait for the next home game.

Chapter 1 Pre-Quiz

Here is the pre-quiz that I handed out on Friday. There is no excuse on this first test for not knowing the information and where I get it from to create the quiz.

The quiz is on Wednesday/Thursday in class.

Chp 1 Quiz PreAP PreQuiz2

Agenda - Aug 28, Friday

* Describe the nature of life during the "old stone age."
* List and Explain "Methods of Data"
* Compare and Contrast Neolithic and Paleolithic Ages

1. Warm up - Rock art on board - Any questions about the project?
2. Review Website - 3 Rules - How to catch up on late work - what is due on Monday
3. Notes Chapter 1 - "First Humans"
4. Pass out pre-quiz - do it at home. Understand where the definitions for the matching questions come from - Your book.

Monday - Homework is due
Tuesday - College Essay - parent contact
Wednesday - Quiz
Friday - Test Ch. 1
Tue (After Labor Day) - Rock Art Project due

Chapter 1 Notes - "The First Humans"

These are the notes from Chapter 1: "The First Humans."

Understand that you should read your book completely. The chapter is not to be ignored. Do not make the mistake to think that everything in these notes is on the test and nothing else.

Also, there may be some things that I add/remove in class from the notes. But, these are a good outline of what to expect.

Please let me know if you have any problems:
Chapter1_The First Humans_2009

Rock Art Project

Here's the rubric and explanation of the project. It's due the day after Labor Day. But, we have worked on the essay already so that will cut down on the amount of work to do. The objective is to introduce yourself to your classmates.

Rock Art Project - World History Pre-AP - 1st Six Weeks

Agenda - Aug 27, Thursday

Learning Targets:
*Understand how and why Early Humans communicated
*Be clear about Project details
*Understand the role of archaeologists and anthropologists and how they determine human progress.
1. Warmup video - "Ancient Rock Art"
2. Introduce Rock Art Project.
3. Notes - Chapter 1 "First Humans"

Mon - homework due
Tue - COllege essay and parent contact
Wed/Thu - Quiz Ch 1
Friday - Test CH 1
Tuesday after Labor Day - Project due.

How to Use Cornell Notes

We discussed this today (Wed) in class. But, I wanted to give you the power point to review it. I know we went through it pretty fast.


Please let me know if you have questions.

Agenda - Aug 26, Wednesday

Learning Targets:
*Understand the process of determining the age of ancient objects.
*What is your note taking style? Understand Cornell Style.
*Know how to get to Mr. Duez's webpage

1. Seating Chart
2. Warmup Quickwrite: "Who is the person that influenced you the most? Describe them. How did they help you?" (College Essay Support)
3. Review Target Sheet. Understand when assignments are due.
4. What is Cornell Notes? How do they work? Power point.
5. Look at the Notes for Chapter 1 "First Humans."

Tomorrow -
we'll learn about the Rock Art Project
We'll start Chapter 1 Notes

Next Week -
Monday - Homework for Chapter 1 is due. (You can find the questions on the target sheet)
Tuesday - College Essay and Parent letter are due
Wed/Thu - Quiz on Chapter 1

Agenda - Aug 25, Tuesday

Tuesday Aug 25:
*Can you put World History in perspective?
*Understand how to know what we are learning.
*Can you get to the web page to learn more?
1. Warm up - 2 Questions - 1. What did you enjoy most about your first day of school and what are you looking forward to --- overall and in this class? 2. What Good News and Bad News did you have from the first day?
2. History of the World Video - Free write your "reflections" from the video.
3. Targets Chapter 1 - pass out and look over the information.
4. Show the website and blog and explain the first assignment.

Chapter 1 Targets

Download the Chapter 1 Targets here from Google Docs:
Chapter 1 Targets: Early Humans

Here is the embedded version (may not show up at school, but it will from home):

2009 Chapter 1 Targets - Early Humans

"Talk to you l8tr!" New Law prohibits Cell Phones

Talk to you later: New law prohibits cell phone use in school zones
With the passing of House Bill 55 during the last legislative session, lawmakers have taken a first step toward prying cell phones out of the hands of Texas motorists - at least in school zones.

All across the state, municipalities are expecting the installation of signs that alert drivers of the new legislation that, as of September 1, makes the use of cellular phones illegal in school zones.

The Texas Department of Public Safety summarizes the new law by saying, “[House Bill] 55 makes it illegal to use a wireless communication device in a school zone unless the vehicle is stopped or a hands-free device is used. Cities or counties wanting to enforce this law must post a sign at the beginning of each school zone to inform drivers that using a wireless communications device is prohibited and the operator is subject to a fine. It is a defense to prosecution if the operator was making an emergency call.”

A violation of House Bill 55 can result in a class C misdemeanor citation and a fine up to $200.

Humble Independent School District spokeswoman Karen Collier said House Bill 55 is a welcome additional layer of protection for students who walk to or from school and have to navigate traffic in the morning and afternoon hours when traffic peaks around schools.

“People who talk on cell phones are as likely to get into an accident as someone who’s driving while drunk,” Collier said. “It’s a safety issue for kids. We want to keep them safe and the state obviously felt it needed to make a law about this.”

Collier said the school district’s police force will work with local agencies like the Houston Police Department in Kingwood, Humble Police, and constable’s as well as sheriff’s departments in Atascocita to enforce House Bill 55.

“Be forewarned!” she cautioned. “Get off the cell phone while in school zones.”
What do you think? Should it be against the law to use your cell phone while driving through a school zone? Or Should it be against the law to use it at all when you drive?

Agenda - Aug 24, Monday

Targets -
*What is World History Pre-AP?
*How can you succeed?
*Who we are.

Agenda -
1. "Who I am." Handout and index card. (Students write their name on the index card and what they want me to say when they get an answer correct. On the other side - favorite place to eat)
2. Class Syllabus. Expectations. First assignment.
3. Video "2009 World History Pre-AP Day One"
4. Discuss first assignment - College Essay - due next Tuesday.
5. 2 Truths and a lie - if time.

Our classroom

This is going to be a great year.

This is my classroom for the new year. Tomorrow these seats will be filled (38 in my 6th period will do that!). I am so excited about seeing the new students that I will meet for the first time. And I am even more excited about seeing my former students and how much they have grown.

A look as you walk through the door. I am lucky to be back in the corner. Most people leave me alone. If you come through my door, well... you meant to do it. :)

I moved my desk to the back this year. I had it along that window there last year. It was hard to see the computer monitor and this gets more kids in the front of the class. I think that's a psych ploy by me to make them think they are better students. :)

Closer look at my desk. :)

A look at the front of the room. I am going to do more work with me teaching from the board this year. I know, old school. But, the kids get tired of power points and projections. We are going to add a little more light this year. :)

You can see my "Target Board" on the left side. It's where I post our learning targets, agenda, and notes to my 3 preps. Above the board are college pennants, hopefully reminding them of why we are learning what we are learning. This year I added a cut out of the Geiko "Money you would be saving if you switched to Geiko." I'll call it, "Money you could be saving if you prepare for a college education."

Our beautiful school. We are so lucky to call it home. Go Eagles!

Wishing a good first day to all the teachers and students out there.

First Day Video Introduction

The sun rises on a brand new year. This is the video that I will show on Monday to my World History Pre-AP classes. It started as a "Rules Video" a few years ago. This gives me an opportunity to show the kids some of my expectations for the year w/o talking like Charlie Brown's teacher for 50 minutes.

We had a lot of fun with Aidan and the green screen towards the end of the video. There are some neat outtakes at the end.

2009_10_1stDayVideo_WH from Mr. Duez on Vimeo.

Our first day video for World History Pre-AP. What will class be like? What will we study? What are our rules?

The video isn't perfect, but I think it sets a tone for a hopefully GREAT school year. Welcome back.

World History Syllabus

I am very excited about this new school year. Students will descend on AHS next Monday. I have my syllabus for the year finished now. Here it is:

Download here if preview does not show below

WH Syllabus 09

Please bring the second page back to Mr. Duez the following week. The first assignment is to write the college admission essay. We will be working with your final copy in class. It will be a part of our first project - the Rock Art Project.

Very glad to have you in World History Pre-AP.

Very Interesting Ted Talk

I could see this being used as a teaching device in the future. Would love to test it out!

Our Text Book

The Text Book is called "World History" by Glencoe.

Here is a link to it:

Glencoe World History Text Book

Once you get to this page...
Enter User Name:

& Password:

You will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Text Book online. You can download it for free here:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

World's Oldest Map - 14,000 years old

This is really pretty cool. Isn't it amazing the creativity and capacity of the human being?

World's oldest map: Spanish cave has landscape from 14,000 years ago
Archaeologists have discovered what they believe is man's earliest map, dating from almost 14,000 years ago.

A stone tablet found in a cave in Abauntz in the Navarra region of northern Spain is believed to contain the earliest known representation of a landscape.

Engravings on the stone, which measures less than seven inches by five inches, and is less than an inch thick, appear to depict mountains, meandering rivers and areas of good foraging and hunting.
We'll be studying early humans in the first chapter: "The First Humans."