Agenda - Aug 26, Wednesday

Learning Targets:
*Understand the process of determining the age of ancient objects.
*What is your note taking style? Understand Cornell Style.
*Know how to get to Mr. Duez's webpage

1. Seating Chart
2. Warmup Quickwrite: "Who is the person that influenced you the most? Describe them. How did they help you?" (College Essay Support)
3. Review Target Sheet. Understand when assignments are due.
4. What is Cornell Notes? How do they work? Power point.
5. Look at the Notes for Chapter 1 "First Humans."

Tomorrow -
we'll learn about the Rock Art Project
We'll start Chapter 1 Notes

Next Week -
Monday - Homework for Chapter 1 is due. (You can find the questions on the target sheet)
Tuesday - College Essay and Parent letter are due
Wed/Thu - Quiz on Chapter 1

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