Just Do It - Correcting Papers... ouch.

I have spent the weekend correcting Human Rights Project essays. Although it is a part of the job, it never seems to end. Paper work. But, I enjoy seeing progress. Many of my students are starting to really understand the writing process. A few may even have figured out what a thesis statement is!

This project has been wonderful this year. The basis for it is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the UN created in 1948. The students each get one of the 30 articles of the declaration. They must research it's meaning and determine how the United States does with that human right. They also must research one other country and find out how they do. Many pick Cuba, China, or an African country. The main thing is for them to understand how there is a difference between these guidelines (the UDHR) and the actual laws of the countries around the world. Even in America we sometimes struggle with this issue! Really!?! Yes.

The students also create a poster. The poster will graphically depict the article without using words. They can use the # of their article and highlight it in that way. You can see examples from the past here: Human Rights Posters

This year one of the students even drew me in their poster. It was done with pencil on a poster board and she depicted Article 16 - "Marriage." Mr. D flies down to explain that a couple has the right to marry and "saves the day." Pretty funny and well done.

Pretty clever. Cracked me up. The kids loved it.

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