Video Project Update

To be sure that everyone has easy access to the Video Project guidelines and to the "How To" posts I have made, I have linked to them here:

5th Six Week's Video Project

Convert iTunes to Mp3

Download Youtube Videos and Convert Them

Remember, you will need a Title Slide. You will need your full heading: Name(s), Date, Period, Class (example, David Duez, March 30, 2009, Period 1, Mr. Duez World History Pre-AP.

Remember to have at least 5 slides of text to teach about your subject. Also, remember to have a credits screen. Be sure to give credit to the music, artists, and sources & websites you used.

Many of you have been sending me rough draft essays and videos and it has been great to help those people out. But, don't wait too late. If you don't get it to me by Wednesday morning, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to comment on them.

I will be at school during my tutoring times all week (Tues/Thu after school until 3:30 and Wed/Thu during advisory).

Good luck. I can't wait to see them on Friday!

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