Nothing but nets

Here is Mr. Duez in his new "Nothing but nets" Buzzkill t'shirt.

You can get yours by going to One family in Africa tonight is sleeping more soundly because of this t'shirt and donation. Makes me happy.

From their website:
Malaria is a disease caused by the blood parasite Plasmodium, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Malaria, from the Medieval Italian words mala aria or “bad air,” infects more than 500 million people a year and kills more than a million— one person dies about every 30 seconds.

Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa, where it is a leading killer of children. In addition to being home to the deadliest strain of malaria and the mosquito best equipped to transmit the disease, many areas in Africa lack the proper infrastructure and resources to fight back.
But, it is preventable and treatable. Your donations can help save lives.

Thanks again to Kevin and Iris for their presentation. You can check it out on their website:
AHS SLIP Team Blog
And check out their video here:

Malaria in Africa - Period 3 from fordee on Vimeo.

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