Passchendaele The Movie

I came across this tonight. Passchendaele the movie. You can see the trailer below:

Their website is:

The website has some GREAT stories and shorts about the making of the film. Really good stuff. The film was done by Paul Gross, a Canadian film maker. He created this movie because of the stories of his grandfather Michael Dunne. Gross tells that Dunne was involved in a fire fight where every one of his men dies and he is left alive. He puts his bayonet on the end of his weapon and runs up over the trench towards the Germans. Only one German remained. The German extended his hand and said, "Comrade." Dunne bayoneted him in the forehead. Gross played that scene out in the opening moments of the film.

There is a nice part of the site that is 12 letters from Dunne. The letters are narrated by his grandson (and producer of the film) Paul Gross.

I'll probably buy the movie over the summer and check it out. You can find scenes on Youtube by searching for it. But, the language is such that we can't show it in class.

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