Would You Want A Kindle?

Wall Street Journal: Amazon to release Kindle for texbooks

Would you trade your textbooks for a Kindle? The price would be a great deal smaller for a school district that would be purchasing thousands of them. Interesting.
NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon.com Inc. will release a larger — and more expensive — version of its Kindle electronic reading device that is geared toward periodicals and textbooks.

During a press event Wednesday at Pace University in New York, Amazon founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos showed off the $489 device. It has a grayscale screen that is 9.7 inches on the diagonal, up from 6 inches on the regular Kindle. The new Kindle DX also includes a QWERTY keyboard like the current Kindle.

The announcement comes three months after Amazon revealed a slimmer, updated version of the original $359 Kindle, which wirelessly downloads books. Some analysts have said the unit needed must-have content like textbooks to become more of a mainstream gadget.

Three textbook publishers said they have agreed to sell books on the device.
Would you want a Kindle instead of having to carry ALL of your textbooks?

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Anonymous said...

Can we do this? I mean each textbook at our school is about 100-150 dollars times that and these things became inexpensive! we should try and get these. Although we do have the problem that the school district doesn't buy new books every year and when they do they don't do it all at once this would make our school EVEN MORE broke!!! but still a cool idea! :-P