Houston Man Honored at D-Day Ceremony

KHOU: Houston Veteran Remembers D-Day

Combs is now 84 and was just 18 years-old on D-Day. He said when told he would be driving a PT boat, "So then they asked for volunteers for PT boats. Well, what in the world is a PT boat? I volunteered for that," said Combs. He quickly learned that it stood for patrol torpedo. He was a part of a line of PT boats that protected the western waters above the invasion.

Mr. Combs has created maps, paintings, and models of his time during this invasion. He has helped this, very difficult to imagine, day come to life for many.

Thank you Mr. Combs for the service you have done for our country. And thank you for keeping the memories of this day alive for all of us.

ABC KTRK: Local veteran to be honored at D-Day Celebration

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