Revisiting the 08-09 School Year

I was sitting tonight and thinking about my school year. I came across the video I created for the first day of class this year. It is amazing how little Aidan was! Crazy. I am looking forward to doing this video again. There are some things I am definitely going to change. I may add some of the comments from the student surveys that I handed out - like "words of warning" for next year's students.

I love doing this video because on the first day I don't even talk "Rules" with the kids. I just show the video. We discuss it a little and I ask if there are questions, but we move right along to getting to know each other.

Next year I'll probably make it a lot quicker and faster paced. And I will add more information. Maybe a preview of topics we'll talk about during the year and maybe some clips from students from the year before.

Aidan is so cute in this though. He will definitely be making another acting engagement next year!

Welcome to 2605 - Mr. D - 2008-2009 from Mr. Duez on Vimeo.

This is Mr. D's Rules and Expectations Video for 2008-2009. Starring Aidan!

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