Agenda: Friday, Sept. 25, 2009

Quote of the day:
"Video Killed the Radio Star." -- Lyrics from the very first video on MTV by the Buggles. Aired at midnight on Aug. 1, 1981

Learning Targets:
* Concentrate on personal reflection of study habits and class prep.
* Understand the need to use technology to teach and to learn in our times.
* Decide on a project topic, team, and come up with a proposal.

1. Warmup Video: Did You Know 2k8 and Did You Know 2009. Students will watch the videos (each are about 3 min long) and write a reflection of what they saw. I will pick them up at the door.
2. Pass back Rock Art Project Grade and Essays. They will be able to read over my comments on the rubric and discuss.
3. Students will get the handout "Student Study Survey" and fill out the information. The assignment is to get it signed by a parent and bring it back on Monday.
4. Introduction to the Video Project. Power Point and discussion of topics.

On Monday we will have the laptops in class, write our proposals and work to find partners. Over the next two weeks we will be preparing for the Video Project and also introducing Ancient Greece.

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