Agenda: Monday, Sept. 14, 2009

Today is the beginning of Homecoming Celebration week. Today is "Rock T'Shirt Day!" Mr. Duez will be sporting his Led Zeppelin T'shirt.

"If the mountains crumble to the sea there will always be you and me." - Led Zep (Robert Plant)

*Document an Early Civilization, build a poster to present to the class.
*Be able to describe the similarities and differences between early civilizations.

1) Discuss the extra credit from history channel on friday - 911
2) Celebrate Homecoming week ~ Rock T'shirts
3) Get into groups and work on posters on the early civilizations
4) Be Prepared to present on Tuesday - First thing.

Homework on Chp 2 due Wed/Thu
Quiz on Friday.
Test is next Tuesday.

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