Agenda: Wed. Sept. 2, 2009

*Understand the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on the development of civilization.
*Gain a command of the vocabulary for Chapter 1

1. 5 min to prep for quiz.
2. QUIZ on vocab for Chapter 1
3. Finish Chapter 1 ~ Copy notes on board and discuss Neolithic Revolution and the 6 characteristics of a civilization.
4. Review Chapter quickly and explain how the test will work next class.
5. Video, Notes, and Discussion. Students will watch 2 video clips, take cornell notes and discuss the videos. - "From Ape to Man" a history channel documentary, we'll watch about 15 minutes of it. The scene is from neaderthal in the German valley and describes what life must have been like for early man.
Youtube Clip here:

If you want to see the rest it is in 8 parts. You can find the parts in Youtube. This introduction helps paint the picture and bring the chapter alive from the perspective of the men and women doing the very difficult work of piecing together our past spanning 3 million years, 300,000 generations.

If time we will also see a video called "Tiny Humans: The Hobbits of Flores." This video clip from Youtube below is not the one we will watch in class, but it is similar:

This video is the exact thing we are focusing on when we discuss the quote by Richard Leakey:
"Theories on prehistory and early man constantly change as new evidence comes to light."

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