Agenda: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009 & Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009

Quote of the day: "You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell if a man is wise by his questions." -- Naquib Mahfouz, 1988 Nobel Prize winner in literature from Egypt

Today is 80's dress up day. Pop your collars and peg your jeans. Yeah. (this is bring back bad high school memories for Mr. Duez - graduate of the year 1988!)

Learning Targets:
*Work cooperatively in groups to present Early Civilization Posters to the class
*Compare and contrast two early Civs; look at similarities and differences; use the 6 characteristics of a Civilization and P-E-R-S-I-A to help you.
*Understand the significance of geography on early civs (Mesopotamia & Egypt)

1. Warmup - Essay question for the test next Tuesday - "Compare and Contrast 2 early civilizations. Use 6 Characteristics and P-E-R-S-I-A." Answers should be at least 3 paragraphs long.
2. Collect homework assignment from chapter 2.
3. Finish Poster Presentations - Take Notes - Compare/Contrast 2 Early Civs
4. Notes on Chapter 2 "Ancient Mesopotamia"

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