Email from a former student

I wanted to share an email I have received from a student from last year. He gives very good advice.
First Email: Hey Mr. Duez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I apologize that I haven't been able to stop by and say hi personally. As luck would have it, every single one of my classes are in red, white or band hall area. So I hope the year is going well for you. I'm sure the sophomores are enjoying the rock art project. I had trouble with that one. I was never too artistic. Anyway this year has been going great for me. I think I may have gotten myself in a little over my head with 6 AP classes but I'll manage somehow. US History is a lot of work. The material is extremely interesting though but still a lot of work. We had to write a historiographical essay recently and I'm glad to say that I felt very comfortable writing it because of all the essays we had to do for your class. So I guess I'd like to say thanks also!!! Tell all of your students that although your class may seem like it is a lot of work, it does prepare them for AP. And tell them that junior year is killer. We have a test over the first 6 chapters Tuesday. I guess I should go study some more. Just wanted to say hi and thanks!!!


Second Email after I asked if I could post this:
Of course you can post my email on your blog Mr. Duez. You more than deserve the credit and you can keep my name in it if you'd like. It doens't matter to me. Also tell them to - i mean this in the best way possible - take advantage of you. Tell them to make sure they can write a thesis and build a paper off of that thesis and to get help from you while they still have time. The AP teachers are willing to help, but with the workload they give it's hard to find time to learn how to write a thesis. If the students learn how to do it in your class, then it will save them a lot of time next year. So thanks again! I felt very comfortable writing the essay and I credit that to you!

First of all, Kevin is an acceptional student and he works very, very hard. So I do not deserve "all the credit," but I do want you to understand why we are working so hard in this class and what the goal is. So hang in there. I know it seems like we are doing a lot of work right now, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to the junior year. We will get you ready. DO NOT DROP TO LEVEL. Stick it out. You can do it. I will help you.

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