Agenda: Monday, October 19, 2009

Quote of the Day: "One man with courage is a majority." - Andrew Jackson 

Learning Targets:
* Students will determine how Athenian Democracy developed after a period of Tyranny in Athens.
* Students will see the importance of Gods and architecture while studying Athens in class.  The Parthenon and the festival of the Panathenian will be explained.
* Students will compare and contrast the role of women in Sparta and Athens

1.  Reminder of the due date next Monday for the essay portion of the Video Project.  We will see a video describing how to format their paper in MLA.  We will also see a satrical video clip about plagerism that will highlight what a student should do when writing a research paper. Video:  Your Writing Not Someone Else's  
2.  Notes on Athenian Democracy.
3.  Tomorrow we'll discuss the Educators and Philosophers of Greece and we'll also discover the legend of Alexander the Great.

Test is on Wed/Thu.
Essay for project due next Monday
Video due on November 3rd

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