Agenda: TGIF October 09, 2009

Quote of the Day:  "What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but rather what is woven into the lives others."  - Pericles

Learning Targets:
* Students will learn cooperative text analysis through text based discussion - Socratic Seminar
* Students will determine the message and meaning of Pericles Funeral Oration.
* What does it mean to be Athenian?

1.  Get Rough Draft Essays for the project back.  Discuss that you can reassess to 100.  The MLA formatting needs a LOT of work.  Please come to Mr. Duez if you need help. (5 min total)
2.  Expectations for Socratic Seminar:
You will be assessed as follows:
50% on the Annotation and Questions written on the Funeral Oration text.
50% on the Notes on a separate sheet of paper and your reflection at the end. 
I will collect both the packet and separate sheet at the end of the period.
3.  Socratic Seminar on "Funeral Oration" with  Students will be placed into 6 groups and then 1 facilitator/captain of each group will have a laptop that is logged into  As you discuss the text, add questions and comments through Edmodo and reply and help other groups through the laptop.
4.  Debrief on Funeral Oration and Edmodo.  Collect Annotations, Questions and Reflections at the door.

FINAL ESSAY for project due on Monday October 22nd
FINAL VIDEO for project due on Tuesday November 3rd

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