Pericles Funeral Oration & the "Edmodo Experiment"

In class on Friday we will do a Socratic Seminar with small groups discussing the following text from Pericles Funeral Oration.

As you read and prepare for the class on Friday, keep APPARTS in mind:
AP PARTS Document Analysis
Who created the document/gave the speech/created the piece of art?
Does he or she have a certain viewpoint that affects the meaning?
Place and Time
Where and when was the document created?
Does the place and time affect the meaning of the document?
Prior Knowledge
What information is helpful to know when approaching the document?
For whom was the document created?
Why was it created? Importance of the time and place?
The Main Idea
What is the Main Idea (or thesis) behind the document?
Why is this document/speech/art important?
Also be sure to underline, highlight, circle and annotate the text. Come to class with at least one question to discuss in your group for Friday.

Pericles Funeral Oration
On Friday we'll be using the social networking software for Teachers and Students called Edmodo:
What is Edmodo?

A private microblogging platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments.
During the socratic seminar we will have one student in each small group that will post ideas, questions, and remarks to Edmodo. All the other laptops in the class will also have accounts that are on the site. They will also have a person that is posting to the site. All groups will be able to read those questions and comments.

Mr. Duez hopes that this is a fun and interesting way to drive small group discussion. We will find out Friday during our "Edmodo Experiment!"

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