Agenda: Monday, November 15, 2009

Quote of the Day:

Learning Targets:
* Understand what is expected of the Castle Project - Research Paper, Product (model or poster), and Presentation
*  Who is Clovis and Charlemagne and what impact did they have on Europe?  Why did some call Charlemagne the last great king of Europe?


**Students needing to make up the test from Friday will do so during the period**
1.  Warm Up:
Watch the Castle Project Video from 2008:

Castle Project 2008 from Mr. Duez on Vimeo.
These are the castle projects that my students worked on for their unit on the Middle Ages during the third six week's period of World History Pre-AP.
They did a fantastic job.
2.  Students will learn about the Castle Project.  Mr. Duez will introduce through a power point.  Students will refer to the rubrics that were handed out on Friday.
3.  Pass out the Ch. 9 and 10 Targets and introduce Chapter 9 Clovis and Charlemagne.
4.  On the way out - Video Project reflections will be handed in as an exit ticket.

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