Fall Final Exam Targets

Here they are!  Fresh off the presses.  The Fall 2009 Final Exam Target Sheet!  A "piece of work."  Use this as you would any other target sheet to prepare for the final.  The bold/italics questions within each unit are bonus questions on the test.  You will answer them as if you were answering an essay and you can earn one bonus percentage point per correct bonus question.  There are 6.

Also, the final will have 100 questions.  It is mostly multiple choice.  The questions all come from previous tests.  This is not a "try and trick you" test.  These are the key components and most essential elements of each unit we have studied.  The target sheet was created by looking at the final.  So it will be very helpful.

Good luck!
Final Targets Fall 2009                                                                                                                                                

Final Exam Schedule for next week:

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 2009
7:25 - 8:50    1st period exam
9:00 - 10:25   3rd period exam
10:35 -12:00   5th period exams

THURSDAY, DEC. 17, 2009

7:25 – 8:50      2nd period exam
9:00 – 10:25    6th period exam

FRIDAY, DEC. 18, 2009
7:25 – 8:50      4th period exam
9:00 – 10:25    7th period exam

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