Agenda: Wed. & Thu. Jan. 27th, 2010

Quote:  "Each person must live their life as a model for others."  - Rosa Parks

*Understand how humanism develops during the Renaissance time period and also impacts the Reformation
*Nobility becomes more sophisticated, in that a classical education & military training
*Who is Machiavelli?  What did he believe about politicians and leaders?

1.  30 minute timed writing "How has Rosa Parks, MLK, and the civil rights movement impacted & changed my life?"
2.  Notes - Finish the Renaissance - Machiavelli
3.  Philosophical Chairs
We will do a discussion/debate on one of these questions (chosen by the class):
I.  After the earthquake in Haiti there is a crisis involving orphaned children.  The United States should encourage and increase the adoption of Haitian children and open pathways for citizens of Haiti to come to America.  (yes or no)
II.  In Machiavelli's "The Prince" the focus of the book was on practical success by any means, even at the expense of traditional moral values.  Machiavelli's scheme earned a reputation for ruthlessness, deception, and cruelty.  Do you agree with Machiavelli and therefore understand if President Obama lies or deceives the public in the State of the Union address, but good comes of it that it is justified?  (in other words is ruthlessness, deception and cruelty acceptable in our leaders if they lead the country to greatness?)  (yes or no)

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