Agenda: Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Leaders grow deep roots." - Scott Campbell

* Understand Campbell's text and his 6 characteristics of a leader
* Be prepared to write a proposal for the project about a leader you would like to profile.

* Students who were absent last period will take the test on Chapter 12
1. Students are given a couple of minutes to read over their notes from Campbell's text.
2. Divide the room into 8 groups. One for the intro and conclusion and 6 characteristics. 8 total.
Each group will describe their portion of the text. They will explain the importance. They will also rank the top 3 characteristics of a leader and explain where their characteristic ranks.
3. We will present the findings of the small groups to the entire class.

For Friday:
Write a proposal to do the project on a particular leader of interest to you. In the proposal should be:
1) Who is the leader?
2) Why are they important to you?
3) What accomplishments do they have and how have they led people?
4) What do you propose to do for the product portion of the project - video, power point, poster, skit, song?

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