Mr. Duez is out of school on Friday

I am sorry, but I will not be at school on Friday.  I am experiencing vertigo symptoms, dizziness and balance issues.

IF YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR TEST, I WILL ALLOW A FULL WEEK TO STUDY WHEN WE RETURN FROM THE BREAK.  You will not have to take the test on the first day back from Spring Break.  I will be available in tutoring that Tue and Thu to help you study.  I know it is not your fault that I am out sick on Friday.  So you will not be penalized for it.

The substitute will administer class on Friday and this is the agenda:

1.  CNN Student News.
2.  AP Parts Document & this article:  Article published Mar 4, 2007 Studies find benefits to Advanced Placement Courses By JAY MATHEWS The Washington Post
Students will use AP Parts to analyze the article.
This is a first step in working with documents and that will be our focus after spring break - DBQ (Document Based Questions) and FRQ (Free Response Questions).  This will be great preparation for AP and Dual US History next year.
3.  If time remains you will view Chapter 19, 20, and 21 videos on Impressionism, Industrial Revolution and Imperialism.  Those topics will be our focus during our DBQ/FRQ unit.

Have a wonderful spring break.

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