Agenda for Tuesday through Friday April 13- April 17, 2010

Quote of the Week:  "Be on your BEST BEHAVIOR for the substitute... unless you would like to see WWIII when I return."  :)  Mr. Duez

Mr. Duez will be out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

1.  Quiz for Chapter 23
2.  You will watch "BBC - The First World War - Under the Eagle" in class.  Students will take notes and write a summary at the end.  Here is a sample:

Link to part 2
Link to part 3
Link to part 4
1.  Students will take the 2008 TAKS Released Items Test in class.  It is 25 questions.  This will help us gauge where there are and what we will need to review before the test at the end of April.
2.  Students will finish "Under the Eagle" video from last class.
1.  Students will use the handout "Harry's War" to answer a list of questions quietly in class.  They may discuss the answers with the sub.  (15-20 minutes)
2.  After they will watch a video called:  "The Somme" students will take notes and write a summary (a preview is below):

On Monday Mr. Duez will pass out the DBQ.  It is due on Wed/Thu on the day of the test for WWI.

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