Agenda: Monday, April 12, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "It is a rum job waiting for the time to come to go over the top without any rum too."  - Harry Lamin, from Messines Ridge, June 11, 1917.  Quote from "Letters from the Trenches:  A Soldier in the Great War" by Bill Lamin, Harry's grandson.

Learning Targets:
* How does the "Illusion" turn to "Stalemate"?
* What was the nature of war in the trenches?
* How did the war differ on the Eastern and Western Front?

1.  Collect Homework
2.  Pass out CH. 23 PreQuiz - helpful for studying for tomorrow's quiz
3.  Finish any extra projects to present (15 min)
4.  Trench Warfare Notes and then:
"Our Trench Simulation"
and pass out "Letters from the Trenches" - Harry's War
The packet will be your DBQ material.  I will give you the DBQ question and listing of the documents on Monday when I return next week from San Diego.  It will be due on the day of the test (Wed/Thu).

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