Meeting in Red LGI for AP/Dual US History Students for Next Year

This was a note from Mr. G about the meeting that he wanted me to pass along to you:

Could you briefly tell your kids that Mark and I would like to see anyone signed up for AP/dual US in the Red LGI today, tomorrow, or Thursday after school? It will take about 5 minutes. Sorry for the short notice!
John Gillespie
AP Dual Credit US History
Social Studies Department Head

From Mr. Gillespie's website the reading materials are linked on the front page.  Your summer reading will be chapter 1 and 2 of the text.  You will also be reading Lies My Teacher Told Me.  That is a GREAT book.  I have it at home and have read through it several times.  Here is a link to the book (with the first chapter available to read for free):

Here is a link to the unit plan:

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