Resume Templates - Resume Project due on May 17th

The college and career project is due on Monday, May 17th.  You need to hand in:
* A resume written as if you were 22 years old.
* An essay written as yourself, currently a high school student who is looking forward to their college choice and career.

Here is a link to the project rubric
Here is a link to the power point on the project.

Here are a few resume templates that you might want to choose to use:

If you are needing any help, I'll be here for tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday after school.  Or you can shoot me an email.

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Gravity Gardener said...

Marketing yourself to potential employers takes time and effort. Being creative so you can stand out among all the other candidates is critical in increasing your chances to be called for an interview.

I have taken the basic resume and come up with a new twist to presenting it to potential employers.

You can go here to see some examples...