Agenda: Wednesday & Thursday August 25 and 26, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts."  - Edward R. Murrow

Read Chapter 1!
Learning Targets:
* What is prehistory and how did  historians understand the past without written records?
* What was the nature of life like during the Paleolithic Age?
* Where did the first human-like creatures live?

(Hand out Learning Targets for Chapter 1 to Period 3)
1.  Attendance with seating chart. 
2.  History of the World in Seven Minutes Video - LINK
Students will do a quick write about what they saw for 3 minutes.  Then we will do 2 minute TPS - Think Pair Share.
3.  Notes for Chapter 1 - The First Humans
4.  Introduce the Rock Art Project.  Pass out the Rubric.  LINK

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