Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Duez is out at the doctor today.  Please be on your best behavior for the substitute.

Quote of the Day:  "Duez I say, not as I do."
Mr. Duez when he was just "Dave Duez #40" in college.  (top right corner)
Learning Targets:
* How has world population growth created problems for the world and it's future?
* Understand the vocabulary and what the vocab quiz will look like for Chapter 1
* Understand what Rock Art is and why early humans created them.

1.  Substitute will pass out the Pre-Quiz for Chapter 1.  Students can work on this quietly for 10 minutes and then with their learning partner for 10.  Substitute can then go over the answers with the kids.
2.  Substitute will show 2 videos.  First is the World Population Video.  Second is a Cave Art video from our book's Chapter 1 collection.  Students will write their summary of what they saw once the video ends.  The videos are 10 minutes a piece, they will have 5 minutes to write their summaries.  The sub will collect the summaries at the end of the period.
3.  If any time remains, students will work on their college essay.  It will be a quiet writing time for them to think about the person who most influenced them and write.

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