Some weekend help with the Rock Art Project

Hope Labor Day weekend is going well.

Hope you are not confused about your project.  I hate it when Eagles get confused!
Don't stay confused.  Ask for help!
I have read about 10 more rough drafts and sent feedback to students.  A common problem has been "telling" me about the person of influence only.  Instead of saying, "They did this... they did that..." why not show it by describing them in detail or explain a certain day, situation or time when they were an influence on you.

Remember to follow the RUBRIC.
If you have trouble remembering it, just be like Dorthy.  "Follow the yellow brick-Rubric.  Follow the yellow brick-Rubric.  Follow the yellow brick-Rubric!"
Wonder who Dorthy would chose as her 'person of influence?'
I know using this blog can be a challenge sometimes.  Remember that you can access older posts (or things I put up on the website a few weeks ago) by clicking on "Older Posts" at the bottom of this page.

Because I have posted the rubrics for the Rock Art Project earlier, they do not appear on this first page.  Here is a shortcut to:
The essay rubric:

The entire project:

Here are a couple of images of old Rock Art posters that were done:
These were the best in 2007.

Looks like Music, Her Dog, and the Patriettes were important to her.  

Student used the 'burnt edges'.  Great technique.  Don't burn down your house!

Surf's up Dude!

Only issue with this one is the Cowboy Star.  Might have to take points off (only kidding!).

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