Agenda: Monday, Oct. 18, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Rome wasn't built (or taught) in a day." - Roman Proverb

Learning Targets:

·          Geography greatly influenced the development of Rome. The narrow Italian peninsula was an important crossroads, and farmland was plentiful. Rome itself was strategically situated inland on hills along the Tiber River.
·          In the late sixth century the Romans overthrew the Etruscan kings based north of Rome and established a republic. Wealthy patrician landowners in the Roman Senate dominated the early republic. Male nonpatrician Romans, called plebeians, voted and served in the army, but they could not marry patricians or be elected.
·          Rome never became a democracy, but it did develop universal standards of justice that have influenced many societies. 

1.  Discuss Greece Test and pass out make up tests (for students who were absent on Friday).
2.  Discuss World Leader Essay, due tomorrow.  Reminder.
3.  Notes/Introduction of Chapter 5 Rome.

DUE TOMORROW:  World Leader Paper
DUE NEXT MONDAY:  World Leader Product (Power point, Video, or Poster)

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