Email that I sent home to students

I am sorry that I was not at school and available for tutoring this afternoon.  I got suddenly sick early this morning and I had to be driven home.  I should be back tomorrow.  

Because of my absence, I am going to push the test back.  And because we have PSAT next week, the only good day to do the test will be next Friday.  I am sorry about this, but I think it's the most fair thing to do.

Sixth period today watched "Sinking Atlantis" the story of the Minoan Civilization and what might have wiped them out.  I will show that tomorrow to 3rd and 5th period.  6th period tomorrow will get the notes/lesson that we would have done on Thursday.  On Tuesday of next week we will finish the chapter.  Wed/Thu of next week, we'll read the I am Poems and do some review of what we have learned in chapter 3.  The test will be Friday.

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