Agenda: Monday, November 15, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Never, Ever, Ever give up!"  (a good thought when being a Texans fan!)
Are Texan's fans Charlie Brown? :(

Learning Targets:
* Why were castles originally constructed?
* How does Feudalism work and why was it needed?
* How do the Crusades bring about the end of the Feudal system?
1.  Notes Chapter 9 & 10 Feudalism.
2.  Check out 10 minutes of the Dark Ages video that describes the invasion of Vikings.
3.  Introduce the Crusades and their impact on Feudal Europe.
4.  Last few minutes of class for discussing Castle project with partners.  We need to have our partners chosen and a quick proposal drawn up by Wed/Thu this week.  We'll work in groups to research what a castle is and how it was used that day.

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