Email to students regarding Thursday and Tutoring

Sent this email out tonight 12/8/2010:
I am not going to be at school on Thursday.  So there will be no tutoring after school.  6th period will get to see the notes and the sub will pull them up and go through them.  We will have the test on Friday.

If you have any questions as you are studying, please email me.  I'd be glad to help clear anything up.

My tips:
2 - Know the target sheet & vocab very well.

3 - The essay questions are BONUS.  So focus on the test questions, then attack the essay questions.  They will earn you back one percentage point per correct answer.

1. Describe the pattern of triangular trade that developed in the 1500s.
2. Describe the impact of the slave trade on Benin.
3. Describe the impact of the Spanish settlers on the native population of the Americas.
4. Explain the theory of mercantilism as it applies to Europe in the seventeenth century.

I will have an extra tutoring day on Monday next week.  On that day I will allow you to retake the Chapter 9 and 10 test, quiz and homework (because I am not going to be there on Thursday).  We will also have tutoring on Tuesday after school for the final tutoring session of the semester before finals (you can retake Chapter 7, 11, 13 quiz, test, and homework then).  

Although I am home sick, I am going to try to get some more of the essays from the project graded tomorrow.  My hope is that they will all be done and into the gradebook by the weekend.  Very latests - Monday morning.  You will get the rubric and essays back on Monday, but I have not been able to write much on them because writing is very painful right now.

See you on Friday.

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