Email to all students regarding MLA Formatting & Human Rights Paper

World History Pre-AP students, 
Your Human Rights Paper is due on Friday (along with the poster).  Remember to follow the rubic!  

Here are a few references to understand MLA formatting:
We covered these last semester, so I understand that it may be some catchup for some of you who are new.  My biggest thing is just making sure you understand how to do it.  It should be very similar to what you have learned in English class because it's MLA formatting.

What you need to consider and think about is that anything in your paper that is information that you found elsewhere - it needs to be cited.  So you have a works cited page at the end.  And in the paper itself you put parenthesis at the end of a sentence that is not your own and site the author.  The sites above will help with that.

One thing to consider, the conclusion should really drive home your thesis.  So restate it and provide the reader with a closing statement.  Basically, it is like you are a lawyer arguing a case in court.  Your thesis is a lot like your "opening statement" (The defendant committed this crime, in this place, for this reason and I will prove he did it during this case).  Then you have paragraphs that present your facts.  A lot like a lawyer calls witnesses to testify at the stand.  Then the closing argument is your conclusion.  You'll restate your thesis and pull your case together.  In the end you prove your thesis.

This is the type of writing we were developing all fall.  And it's the type of writing  you will need to do next year in AP US History.
Good luck.

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