Chapter 12 Test Prep

[Quick update on how I am doing - the IV infusion treatments are going very well.  I feel pretty good, just real tired and have a very red face (for some reason).  I have Thursday and Friday remaining for the treatments.  Don't be surprised if I look pretty bad or tired on Monday.  The crash from finishing the treatments can be pretty dramatic and pretty tough.  But, I'll be ok.  Hoping we don't have school on Friday so I don't miss another day with everyone.]

I know we may not have school on Friday.  BUT, if we do you will take the Chapter 12 Renaissance/Reformation test.  So be prepared.  I hope if they are going to cancel school that they do it well in advance of the morning so that everyone can be prepared.

But, I have to say that you WILL take the test either Friday or Monday.  So be ready and be prepared.  I want to give you some help/hints (especially since I have been out this week).  So here are a few:

  1. READ the chapter.  All of it.  Read it through with the Target Sheet.  
  2. Know your vocabulary from the target sheet.
  3. Review the notes.  Renaissance Notes & Reformation Notes.
  4. AND check out these essay questions:

Essay Group 1: Choose one of the following essays and answer on a separate sheet of paper as fully as you can.  Choose between #1a and #1b.
1a. Explain what a Renaissance Man is by describing the life of Leonardo da Vinci.  Also compare him to a Renaissance person from modern day.
1b. Compare the advances in Renaissance art forms with that of art between the fall of Rome and the rise of the Renaissance Period (Middle Ages/Dark Ages art).  How was the Renaissance an important period for art and how did artists advance in concepts, forms, and practices?

Essay Group 2: Choose one of the following essays and answer on a separate sheet of paper as fully as you can.  Choose between #2a and #2b.
2a. “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs!”
2b. “Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched.”

I'll leave you with this prediction:

Pittsburgh Steelers 27
Green Bay Packers 23
MVP - LaMarr Woodley, LB, Steelers.  He will have a number of sacks and a defensive TD.  :-)

We are going to have a nice party at home and enjoy the game and commercials.  Hope you have a fun celebration if you are going to watch the big game, too.  Hopefully it'll be a great game.

And one final Steeler item.  At Heinz Field when the Steelers need a big Defensive stop, they come out of the break with this song/video.  The scoreboard turns entirely black for about 30 seconds and the place starts going crazy.  Fans scream, "RENEGADE!" and then this video plays:

You can't beat that.  :-)

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