TAKS Review 2011

This post will serve as a quick place to get information, tips & tricks and help on the Social Studies TAKS Test. Of course, if you were super concerned about 'passing' TAKS, you should not be in World History Pre-AP. Our objective is to prepare you for something much more rigorous - APUSH.  Regardless a few things will help you prepare and do a great job next week on the TAKS test.

Taks Test2009 g10 Ss

This is a very comprehensive look at TAKS in the 10th grade for social studies.  If you review this document you will understand the nature of the questions that will be asked of you on the test.  This would be a great guide to look over the night before and the morning of the test:
Grade 10 Taks Ss Review

Tired of all this testing?  Here's a link to some comic relief: http://www.notonthetest.com/
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