Agenda: Friday, May 19, 2011

Quote of the Day:  
"I found it more difficult to go back each time we squared away our gear to move forward into the zone of terror… And it wasn’t just dread of death or pain, because most men felt somehow they wouldn’t be killed… Each time we went up, I felt the sickening dread of fear itself and the revulsion at the ghastly scenes of pain and suffering among comrades that a survivor must witness. The increasing dread of going back into action obsessed me. It became the subject of the most tortuous and persistent of all the ghastly war nightmares that have haunted me for many, many years. The dream is always the same, going back up to the lines during the bloody month of May on Okinawa."
SOURCE:  Eugene Sledge: Memoir excerpts selections from "With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa." 
Eugene Sledge and Actor Joe Mazzello (who played Sledge) from HBO's The Pacific
Learning Targets for WWII:
CH. 26:  The German and Japanese occupations of neighboring countries led to a brutal war that took millions of lives. Both countries were defeated, but not before the Nazis had killed millions of people in pursuit of Aryan domination of Europe.

• The war caused 20 million civilian deaths. 
• The United States, which did not fight the war on its own territory, sent its forces to fight and produced much of the military equipment for the Allies.
• After the war, ideological conflict between the West and the Soviet Union resulted in the Cold War.

1.  Hand in the Document Based-Question Essay from Chapter 24/26.  Mr. Duez will be working on these to finish in hopes that by Wed/Thu the grades should be in and finalized.
2.  Discuss the War in the Pacific.  We'll see clips from "The Pacific" an HBO series that captured the essence of the war against the Japanese.
3.  If time we'll review for the test on Monday.

TEST MONDAY!  Last test of the year.  Make it good!  

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