Email to my students: Thank You All ~ Have a Great Summer = DFTBA!

I just finished reading all of the class survey reflections that you wrote.  I must say that I was quite choked up and shedding some tears at the end.  I will write up some of the things you guys wrote on my website this summer, anonymous of course.  A few of the responses to "words of warning for next year's students" and "book, song or movie title" and "what you'll remember 10 years from now" were priceless! 

Thank you all for a wonderful year.  It was the hardest year of teaching that I have ever had.  But, it was the most fulfilling.  Each of you has grown up, matured, and learned so much this year.  Having the chance to work with each of you on a daily basis and watching you improve helped me in ways I can't explain.  It is that daily inspiration that I am going to miss this summer.  The first couple of weeks of summer are going to be hard for me.  You may not realize how much I care about each of you and how important you are to me.  But, please know that I am always there for you in the future.  If there is ever ANYTHING I can do for you... do not hesitate to ask.  Please come back and visit me next year.  I can't tell you how much that will mean to me.  

Have a wonderful summer.  For those of you who are traveling to really incredible places, please drop me an email, Facebook message or text message and let me know.  I love seeing those cool pictures of fun times during the summer.  I won't be doing as much traveling this summer as I would like (other than being taken to neat places by some incredible books - currently reading "Hunger Games").  So seeing each of you having adventures would be great.

Best of luck in your junior year.  I truly believe that each and every one of you can succeed in APUSH or Dual Credit if you put the work into it.  I believe in you.  But, I know those of you who will take level US History will have an amazing experience as well.  We have great teachers in History at AHS and I am lucky to be a part of such a wonderful group.  You will see what I mean.  I have been bragging about you guys all year and that won't stop in the fall.  You will make me proud.  And I can't wait to hear from those of you who end up with Mrs. Duez your senior year for Economics.  She is the very BEST teacher in this school (and I admit it, better looking than me!).  

Please keep in touch and "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"  Because each and every one of you are AWESOME.

Mr. David Duez
Atascocita High - World History AVID
“Don't Forget To Be Awesome." - DFTBA
3rd Period World History
5th Period World History
6th Period World History

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