Career Project due on Monday

Project is due on Monday, May 18th. A few tips from the rough drafts that have been emailed to me:

First, start with the essay. That will give you the answers to your three questions - 1) Where am I going to college? 2) What will my major of study be? and 3) What kind of career would you like to purse.

Next, find your thesis. Underline it.

With the resume, keep it to one page only. There is no need for multiple pages. A student handed a resume to me two years ago that was 5 pages long. You will not be given MORE points for more pages. Keep it to a page. That's what prospective employers would want.

Remember, the resume is written as a college senior and it will be 6 years from now. So the present date on the resume would be 2015.

Also use reverse chronological order. Start with 2015 and work back down the page. To accomplish this, most students prepare a rough draft that goes in chronological order and then reverse it for the resume. It's easier to start with summer jobs in high school and work your way through college.

Be creative. I can't assert this strongly enough. Have fun with this. What summer job do you think would best prepare you for your career... imagine it, then go ahead and do it! Lying on a resume is NEVER a good idea... but when you are "making it up" for me... this is your one chance! :)

Lastly, show me your rough drafts. Send them to me in email. Or come in for tutoring. Don't be shy.

Careers Project Careers Project David Duez

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