FDR Fireside Chats

Franklin Delano Roosevelt used what was called "Fireside Chats" to bring information, influence and education to the American people during the Great Depression.

I found this really cool resource here with all the fireside chats:
FDR Fireside Chats

He only did 30 of them during his very long term as president. He was very worried of "over exposure" and the people losing their grasp of what he was trying to say by saying too much.

President Obama has had to preside over some difficult financial times as well. He has decided to do his weekly radio broadcast (that Presidents have done for years on Saturday mornings) and turn them into Youtube videos. Here is an example:

White House.gov Weekly Address

Do you think Obama risks being "over exposed" and the public growing tired of his voice? Or do you think it is absolutely necessary to speak directly to the people in this way?

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