World Leader Project - Product Reminder & Rubric

I have been getting a few emails and questions.  They both are usually from students who seem lost about just what to do for the World Leader Product.  This is kind of interesting to me.  It's due on Tuesday.  I introduced the project to you on February 2nd.  It's now April.

My guess is that this project is so open for creativity and that students have so many choices that some are paralyzed by that.  At least that sounds a lot better than saying students have been procrastinating.  :)

There have been many tremendously creative product ideas.  Some ideas have been - Facebook pages, MySpace, Posters, Videos, and even some are planning on conducting dramatic interviews or acting out a scene from the leader's life.  I can't wait to see them.

Here is a link to the rubric (on the second page is information about the product and presentation):

PRODUCT PROMPT:  Teach the class about the importance and impact of your leader.  You may do so with a 
  • power point
  • video
  • photo story
  • poster
  • or a dramatic presentation. 

(Name period and date on the product)
5 points

Write out the leader name and your thesis somewhere on or in the product.
5 points

Overall Success on Product
(You successfully depicted, taught, and led the class through a learning situation about your leader and it was displayed in your product.  The audience understands the leader’s importance, impact, and the characteristics that made them a great leader.)
10 points

World Leader Presentation Rubric 
(You successfully explained the importance and impact of your world leader.  The class can visually understand the life and character of the leader.  You attempted to ask questions and help the class understand the leader by using examples from your essay.)
30 points

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