Welcome Back Letter to Parents

Email sent out to parents last night through our eSchool gradebook system.  Parents, if you did not get this email then there may be a problem with the system.  I would encourage you to double check it with the house secretary or principal so that the problem can get fixed with the email address.  This is the method that 99% of our teachers use to get in touch.

Hope it's a great year:
Hello everyone,

I am writing to introduce myself and to wish you the best of luck this year.  As a parent, beginning this school year is special for me, too.  My son will begin kindergarten in Humble ISD and I know the feelings most parents have as their son or daughter heads off for their first day.  (But I bet it gets a lot easier when they reach 10th grade!)

Anyway, I wanted to say a few quick words about the course - World History Pre-AP and also attach the course information sheet.  You can follow along all year long on our website:  http://mrduez.blogspot.com  I have linked to it off the official AHS website on my page there, but this is where I chronicle EVERYTHING we do in class.  If there are notes, they will be posted here.  If there is a handout, it will be posted here.  Learning targets, agendas, embedded videos... everything that students will need.

I ask that they leave their book at home and read it to prepare for the class.  My job is to bring alive the information in that text and extend it to help their learning. 

My biggest challenge is taking these students and preparing them for college.  The catch is that college begins next year.  This class is World History PRE-AP.  That means I am preparing them to take college level history next year as a junior.  This makes it the hardest and most rigorous class of history they have ever taken before by default.  But, the good news is that it won't be as hard as next year!  :) 

With that said, I am here to help.  I am passionate about this course and I love teaching it.  My record with students over the past 8 years is untouchable by anyone teaching this course in our district.  I stand by what I have done to prepare students for their junior year and for college.  It is the most important part of my job and I take it very seriously. 

But, we also have a pretty good time.  You'll see some links to videos this week on the blog that explain the class, classroom expectations and class rules.  In the videos I will give the students some great tips to do well, but we also will have some fun.  I believe in enjoying ourselves as we work very, very hard.

My tutoring times are Tuesday and Thursday after school from 2:45 to 3:30.  It is always best for students to see me to schedule.  Please see the attached course information sheet for more info and I will be passing it out to students tomorrow.

Good luck this year and please let me know what I can do to help.
David Duez
World History Pre-AP
Atascocita High

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