Welcome back to school and to World History Pre-AP

Welcome to World History Pre-AP.  I am so glad you are here.  There is no question that this will be the most rigorous and difficult year of history for you so far.  But, the good news is that APUSH (US History AP/Dual Credit) next year will be easily twice as hard as this one!  :)  And that is my job:  Prepare you for the opportunity as a junior to take college level history.  This means we are going to have to work very hard.  And because of the hard work... we have no choice but to have a lot of fun to balance it all out!  
Good luck and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Quote of the Day:  "Begin with the end in mind."

Learning Targets:
* Who is that Mr. Duez guy?
* What is World History Pre-AP?
* Remember to come back tomorrow.

1.  Fill out student card while Mr. Duez takes attendance and puts up the seating chart.
2.  Course information sheet... link to it here
3.  What is World History Video.  link to it here
4.  Two truths and a lie.  Mr. Duez will use his student cards to call on students.

Remember to SLANT:
S - Sit up
L - Lean Forward
A - Activate Your Thinking
N - Notate Important Information
T - Track the Speaker

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