State of the Union Wordle

What were the most popular words and themes?

I have had a 1/2 dozen emails already turned in on the state of the union extra credit.  Hope you enjoyed it and learned something.  It was an interesting speech and reaction from Congress.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Duez, 1-27-11

I'd just like to let you know, that writing this paper is hard and I don't particularlly like the headache it is giving me. I am very much a free-writer and informational essays kill me. So as a heads up, be sure to wear a blindfold tommorrow on account of I am looking especially homeless due to lack of sleep, stress, and junk food I have consumed the night before.

in horrible health,

cerraine vogliardo.

Duez said...

1/2 of the lesson regarding projects like this one is - working on it throughout the month that you have it assigned. Waiting until the night before is never advised.

But, better to learn that lesson now than next year in AP or in college... where you'll be wasting your money. :)

Anonymous said...

haha I have been working on it for 2 weeks. I got the poster done first because I knew that would be easy, and so luckily thats not one of my problems tonight. but all yall teachers need to quit doing all these tests & projects on the same week. I swear to you I am going to have major stress-wrinkles by the time I am a junior in college...this depresses me. haha but I hope I pull an awesome idea out of my hat, or maybe jesus will cut me some slack & give me a vision or something crazy like that. *shrugs* (: