Agenda: Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote of the Day:  "History is a myth that men agree to believe." - Napoleon

Learning Targets:
*Review of The French Revolution from before Spring Break*

•  Napoleon formed a new government, the consulate, in which he held absolute power. In 1802 he was crowned emperor and signed a peace treaty with Russia, Great Britain, and Austria.
•  At home, he made peace with the Catholic Church and created a functioning bureaucracy. His Napoleonic Code preserved many of the rights gained in the revolution.
•  By 1807, Napoleon had created a French empire. In parts of the empire, Napoleon sought to spread the revolution. However, his invasions had contributed to the spread of nationalism as well.

1. Welcome back from Spring Break.  "Good News."
3. Catchup on Current Events - Japan and Libya and the Rally to save Texas schools
4. Review of The French Revolution - Notes Chapter 18 French Revolution
5. Video review of French Revolution in 3 parts (we'll watch the rest to start class tomorrow)
Part I:
6. Discuss Napoleon if time remains.

Tips for studying for the test on Wed/Thu:
Read Chapters 17 and 18 - Targets
Notes Chapter 17 Scientific Revolution
Notes Chapter 17 Enlightenment
Rousseau's Social Contract Explained
Notes Chapter 18 French Revolution
Notes Chapter 18 Napoleon
Watch French Revolution Video on You Tube
French Revolution Video Questions
Remember our discussion on gas prices :)

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