Agenda: Tuesday, March 21, 2011

Quote of the Day:  "Great men become great because they have been able to master luck.  What the vulgar proclaim as luck, is the characteristic of genius." - Napoleon

Learning Targets:

*Review of The French Revolution from before Spring Break*

•  Napoleon formed a new government, the consulate, in which he held absolute power. In 1802 he was crowned emperor and signed a peace treaty with Russia, Great Britain, and Austria.
•  At home, he made peace with the Catholic Church and created a functioning bureaucracy. His Napoleonic Code preserved many of the rights gained in the revolution.
•  By 1807, Napoleon had created a French empire. In parts of the empire, Napoleon sought to spread the revolution. However, his invasions had contributed to the spread of nationalism as well.

Warm up Video:
1. Video on Napoleon from Chapter 18, we will discuss the video and take notes. (10 Min)
2. Notes - NapoleonNotes Chapter 18 Napoleon
3. During Notes - Show "Engineering an Empire: Napoleon Steel Monster" It is about 5 minutes and goes into detail on the Arc de Triumph and how Napoleon crowned himself.
4. Review of the French Revolution (if time).
5. Video review of French Revolution in 3 parts (we'll watch part II and III today)
Part I:
6. Discuss Napoleon if time remains.

Tips for studying for the test on Wed/Thu:
Read Chapters 17 and 18 - Targets

Come in for tutoring on Tuesday afternoon to ask questions of Mr. Duez

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