Video Project Reflections

The video projects this year were incredible.  Mr. Duez will be developing a website where we can load these up to Youtube and share them with the world.  Please let Mr. Duez know if you would like to have your video considered.  

Here are some of the things that students wrote in their reflections:
3rd period:
I am proud of all the projects.  Some were really personal and moving, which I found really cool.  I thought I was going to hate this project, but I ended up really liking it.  Everyone is so creative!

The video project was a fun project to do.  The video was very easy to make.  It was fun to learn new things to help people understand (our topic).  

I loved making a video because I never made one before.  (My partner) and I worked great together.

All of these projects were really amazing and well done.  They were so informative and each explained their issue in their own ways.  

This was my first time making a movie and it was pretty cool to learn something so awesome.

This was my favorite project of the whole year!  I learned so much information about things I never knew about before the project.  I also had a chance to see how creative my classmates are.

I had to change/redo my video several times, but I liked how it turned out a lot.  It was worth the effort.

5th period:
Oh my goodness Mr. Duez, I had loads and loads of fun doing this project (with my partner).  This has been a learning experience.  I usually don't enjoy working with partners, but I really liked working with her because we were truly equals.  This was easily my favorite project of the year.  I wish the whole school could see it because it is such an important topic.

I procrastinated like CRAZY.  So I was eventually freaking out to get this done.  I learned my lesson!

I now have an alternative for projects in the future (I can make a video!).

I had a GREAT time doing this!

What I learned is to communicate better with my partner.  That was a major issue for us.

I liked picking my own topic.  

Aren't computers great?  I loved making my first video ever.

I felt like I should have managed my time much better.  It was difficult to get connected with my partner.  

I worked alone and I like it that way.

What I learned was that when you care about a subject the end result is so much better.  That was obvious when we saw videos that are so important to the people that created them.

This project was so inspirational.

I learned that making a video is really a skill you can develop.  My partner and I had the same level of work ethic and OCD when it came to our project.

You can not wait until the last minute!

This was a challenging project, but very informative and fun.  I loved having full range over choosing the topic and what we would research and show to the class.  I felt that I went in with very little knowledge and came out with a brain overflowing with information.  

I really loved this project.  It gave us a chance to be creative and do our best work.  We had so much fun.

The time allotted gave me the chance to not have to stress over this.  THANK YOU MR. DUEZ!

6th period:
I believe we worked really well together in my group.  I learned so much.

The project went swell!  We both worked so hard on details in the video that many people probably didn't even realize.  

We had a lot of fun doing this.  

All the projects were great!  

This project gave me the chance to learn how to make a video.  It also gave me the chance to research a topic that I was always curious about.  

I loved my project but had difficulties with Windows Movie Maker.  Everyone's personal voice in the video and their passion for the topic made it great.

I learned that we should have slowed down the video to make it easier to read.  

I only had one source, due to not reading the rubric carefully enough.  But, I loved my project and it was important to me.  I would definitely do it again, I liked that we were able to choose a topic that was personal.

This project felt like an interesting way to learn about modern topics and expand our knowledge.  Instead of doing homework assignments, the topics we chose hit close to home and were important.

I learned so much more than I thought I would.  My partner was awesome.

The video was so much fun to make, but I wish I would have spent more time on it.  

I never thought I would just cry in this class, but these projects brought tears to my eyes.  They were important to learn about.

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